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Geography for the Brain for KS3 (2nd edn, 2009)
81 photocopiable pages with support files on CD-ROM
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Geography for the Brain for A Level (2nd edn, 2009)
79 photocopiable pages with support files on CD-ROM
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Geography for the Brain for GCSE (2nd edn, 2009)
88 photocopiable pages with support files on CD-ROM
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'Outstanding!' Excellent resources and activities that will simulate interest in a range of geographical issues. It will develop knowledge and understanding of key geographical concepts and promote the development of geography thinking skills… make Geography lessons more exciting and relevant… Brilliant.
Andrew Chapman, Geography Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'I like the variety of activities and the fact that every topic that you could possibly teach in Geography is included… gets them thinking for themselves.'
C Mc Flynn, Head of Humanities and Independent Reviewer


Geography for the Brain

Innovative Thinking Skills Activities for KS3, GCSE and A Level

Innovative activities develop students' thinking skills & improve factual knowledge and vocabulary. Includes instructions, timings, learning outcomes, homeworks & teacher's guide.

  • Up to date case studies as required by the new 2009 specs
  • Interactive PowerPoint slides for every activity
  • Answers & all required support material included

Resources inculde a variety of activities such as: 'Picture Revelation', Fill the Gap, Tops & Tails, Odd One Out, Memory Games, Classification, Role Play, Debates

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3400)
"I think this is an excellent resource with its emphasis on thinking skills: this is exactly in tune with the new Scottish Curriculum for Excellence... It enhances learning I think because it lays the emphasis on reacting to geographical events and this can be widened to include current affairs and events." — B Proctor, Modern Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"An excellent resource... I really like the way that all of the resources needed for each topic come with the resource and the fact they are straightforward and quite easy to use... the resources are designed to be used by the students independently which will clearly enhance learning on many different levels... There are clear links with many areas of the Geography National Curriculm and therefore it will be easy for the teacher and students themselves to assess their progression towards each attainment level... the powerpoint includes everything required to ensure smooth and straightforward lessons which require the minimum extra work for the teacher... This resource enables teachers to assess students progress with ease as well as allowing the students to be able to assess themselves and others." — G Brown, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A good resource which provides a wide range of activities. The activities are well explained and cover a wide range of topics... I like the fact that the activities range from whole lesson to starter and plenary ideas... The resource fits in well with the PLTS framework and the activities are suited to a range of learning styles... I liked the fact that the activities were explained in detail at the beginning of the book and answers were included with each task... The activities will fit in well with the new KS3 National Curriculum in Geography. Also, I feel that the resources offer a new approach to teaching some traditional topic areas." — G Thurtle, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"Up to date case studies used (e.g. Beijing Olympics 2008) is great, and overall it is a great choice of exciting and relevant case studies. Loved the idea of showing the evaluations forms to show to parents and parents evening to demonstrate pupil progress... All activities involve thinking, and are extremely varied. This will result in pupils being engaged, enjoying their geography lessons and they will look forward to finding out what exciting activity will be in their next lesson... will keep them engaged throughout the lesson. Pair work and group work will increase understanding through discussion and therefore raise achievement." — C Wright, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"The resource was very well researched and had a variety of activities at different levels and for different topics. Each activity is well introduced and explained for non specialist teachers... I liked the inclusion of role plays as these are very timely to produce and especially since one was on the 2012 Olympics... This resource is excellent at encouraging students to lead there own learning and have the teacher as a facilitator. There are obviously many thinking activities and decision making activities which advance their learning outside geography." — L Keeley, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"An excellent and diverse set of resources. Enormous scope to use in the classroom - from KS3 up to KS5." — O Picton, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A great resource with a wide variety of activities to use with any key stage...I like the variety and the fact that every topic that you could possibly teach in Geography is included... A lot of the activities would be considered accelerated learning. This enhances students learning greatly as it gets them thinking for themselves." — C Mc Flynn, Head of Humanities & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3432)
"Lots of opportunities for A level students to practice their skills. Good revision activities, i.e. missing gap exercises, as well as odd one outs and role plays to provoke cognitive skills in students. Students are encouraged to think for themselves and the included answers also mean they can assess their own work immediately." L Keeley, Geography Teacher
"Incredibly detailed resource file. The teacher's notes are extensive and all activities have the answers included. Some excellent activities to reinforce learning of key skills and vocabulary... I liked the link in with the powerpoint - as a teacher this allows you to take the students through the tasks - particularly the statistical ones... Lovely images used as stimulus... Statistical testing was very relevant for the new geographical skills paper." — V Burgess, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"Very detailed and well presented.... It develops independent thinking." — E Churchill, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3401)
"A very good range of activities which allows students to use their brains... Using this resource will allow students to begin to think for themselves leading to an increased ability for them to work independently... There is a wide range excellent activities (gap fills, tops and tails, odd one out, picture revelations, classification, role plays and debates)... A good learning tool." — E Allsopp, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"It had a good variety of activities and range of topics... useful for starters and plenaries. All would be accessible for my GCSE students... This is great for AfL... Allows teachers to give instant feed back on student success with the use of answers. Also the resource adds variety to teaching ideas which are accessible by all." — H Johnson, Subject Leader for Geography & Independent Reviewer
"Really good way of getting pupils to think about different topics... I like the range of activities... Help with revision and focusing the pupils on the different topics." — H Tench, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"It covers many key terms needed in the GCSE topics and encourages students to think and facilitate their own learning." L Keeley, Head of Geography
"Allows more than one learning style to access the learning, as each student takes their own perspective on the task. Also, the activities offer an up-to-date way of approaching what can be some very 'dry' subject matter." — G Thurtle, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer

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