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Course Companion for Ethics 1 (Unit B603)
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Course Companion for Ethics 2 (Unit B604)
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Course Companion for Philosophy 1 (Unit B601)
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Course Companion for Philosophy 2 (Unit B602)
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Course Companions for All 4 Units
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Course Companions for GCSE OCR B: Philosophy & Applied Ethics

Christianity-focused comprehensive notes written by an experienced teacher, examiner and theologian. This material has been tried and tested during which it doubled the A-C pass rate!

  • Interspersed with starter activites, tasks, case studies, key words, and key religious quotations
  • Matched the new specification topic-by-topic - including new Revolution and Media topics

Sharply focused on the exam throughout!
  • New biblical quotations section to help students improve the quality of their answers
  • Specific skill building for a) b) c) d) e) type questions
  • 'How to answer' section plus question-specific advice to prompt best-quality responses from students

"I really like this resource... it is suitable and appropriate and has been thoroughly well planned, prepared and thought-through... Useful learning notes and summaries to support independent revision or structured notes in class... The resource matches and interprets the content and demand of the new specification very well."
A Chapman, Assisstant Principal & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3381)
"Fantastic resource that accompanies the research students can do to improve learning. Excellent to give non-specialists to get students through the course... It suggests activities students can complete during course or for homework tasks... It will help you get ideas for activities, develops pupil knowledge in a very understandable way... Matches the specification perfectly." Sarah Spikin, Head of RE at Four Dwellings High School, Customer
"Excellent - a great overall resource... I particularly liked the focus on skills and the number of units covered... Helps students to learn skills for the new specification and the questions and tasks will enable students to remember key vocabulary as well as make the most of skills needed... This is a fantastic teacher tool, useful for lessons as well as revision... Would I order this resource? Absolutely!" — M Lindsell, Head of RS & Independent Reviewer
"A very useful resource as it has comprehensive coverage of the topics for the OCR specification. It will be helpful for all teachers teaching this specification regardless of whether they are teaching the short or full course... Advice on how to answer the different sections of the exam paper. The focus on Christianity is also helpful as most teachers will focus on this religion, particularly those teaching the short course... Suitable tasks throughout ensure that understanding of the material has taken place. Exam questions also help to prepare students for the what is required of them at the end of the course." — G Edwards, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"I liked the fact that the author is trying to focus on mastering the examination skills required for the course." — N Welsby, Head of RS & Independent Reviewer
"Thorough and covers all required aspects of the specification... I like the way the content is broken down into the same sections as the spec, with a brief overview at the beginning." — A Robertson, RS Teacher, Examiner & Independent Reviewer
'A lot of work has gone into writing the resource, and it shows. It is extremely useful, and comprehensive. It will be a very positive aid to all teachers teaching the unit... Easy to read and comprehend.' D Brodowska, Independent Reviewer
'I particularly liked the 'How to Answer Exam Questions' as it was clearly and plainly put giving excellent examples... This is a resource I would definitely use.' K Walsh, Independent Reviewer

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