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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Activity Pack for KS3
41 photocopiable A4 pages
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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

An Activity Book for KS3

"This is by far the best resource I have seen on this novel."
J Sharrock, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

25 worksheets packed with 52 creative and stimulating activities, including quizzes, comprehensions, analytical tables and film comparisons:

  • Each task's AF is clear for easy teacher planning and on each worksheet so students know what to focus on
  • APP Ready: Special APP grids allow quick and simple assessment for each Reading Assessment Focus
  • 8 starter activities
  • 29 Reading AF activities
  • 8 Writing AF activities
  • 3 Speaking & Listening activities
  • 4 final tasks

"This is the best ZigZag resource I have had the opportunity to review. The Reading Assessment Focus grids are a brilliant idea — these allow both students and teachers to focus on specific areas to develop. They also allow students to review their own learning and set targets for the future; this opportunity for self-assessment is excellent. All of the tasks are creative, imaginative and would appeal to students. The the Assessment Focuses are constantly referred to is brilliant practice. An outstanding resource."
J Sharrock, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3330)
I was amazed by the standard of this resource. It is very engaging and covers many aspects of reading; from style, genre, language, themes to cross curricular. R Whitby, Head of Department and ZigZag Customer
'A really useful resource with structured exercises — particularly useful for lower ability pupils. I particularly like this resource because it is broken up into bite size chunks and the second exercise is often a longer writing task accessed by some of the more able pupils. It is better than other resources because it is so user-friendly. I do not need long sheets of lesson plans — just the actual resource. It does what it says on the tin! Well worth the money — if the school had not purchased it I would have bought it myself. It saves a lot of time with planning and hits the mark every time with lower ability pupils.' L Johnson, English Coordinator, Happy ZigZag Customer
'I thought this was an excellent resource that was thoughtfully written, considering the topic. I enjoyed the details given on each worksheet about which AF it was hitting as students do need to become comfortable with the terms and what they mean. I felt it enhanced learning a great deal as with the students knowing what they were learning it was easier for them to know and understand areas they struggled with and areas they were comfortable with... Matches the KS3 spec perfectly. Fabulous work!' C Barker, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'The resource provides you with a comprehensive and engaging range of activites with explicitly address the reading and writing AFs. Students have responded positively; they find the activities engaging. It meets the requirement of APP and is a time-saving resource!I particularly like this resource because teachers can select a range of activities to focus their teaching on specific reading response skills, as identified by the APP AFs. It is better than other resources because it is not didactic; teachers can use the resources flexibly and creatively to meet the needs of students in different ability groups.' M Lynch, Head of English and Happy ZigZag Customer
'Very useful and the students enjoyed the activities I used. It broke the text down into manageable chunks and themes. The layout of tasks ensures all students of all abilities are able to enjoy tasks and enhance understanding of the book. A great resource which has proved useful for differentiation and planning SOW's for an engaging class read.' H Keating, English Teacher and Happy ZigZag Customer
'I really liked the AF indicators at the top of each resource — good for teacher and pupil reference. I also liked the attractive worksheets and clearly set out activities for every chapter. [This resource] ensures that each AF is met, by providing activities for each one. It's also clear to both teacher and student what a pupil has to do to achieve.' M Mallows, Private English Tutor and Independent Reviewer
"I particularly like the clear focus on AFs the whole way through the scheme. This is being implemented in our department and having a resource mapped like this makes it very easy to keep track of the AFs covered, and provides clear opportunities for assessment — superb!" A Baiden, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'The tasks are both challenging and interesting. They are also presented in user friendly style that would appeal to all students.This resource enhances learning in many ways. Close reading skills are assessed in a user friendly style for the students. Writing tasks are imaginative as are speaking and listening activities. All the activities allow pupils to develop the skills necessary for KS3 and beyondI thoroughly enjoyed reviewing it.' J Sharrock, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I really liked this resource... There are some good activities, with some to stretch more able students as well as average students. The layout... is very student friendly and should enable students to get to grips with the AF focuses.' P Ault, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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