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OCR AS Revision Workbook: Unit G571 Philosophy of Religion
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OCR AS Revision Workbook: Unit G572 Religious Ethics
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Revision Workbooks for A Level OCR Religious Studies

A clear and comprehensive tour through the key terms, theories and concepts required by the specification. M Bee, Lecturer & Independent Reviewer

A comprehensive and engaging revision resource for philosophy of religion.

  • Critical analysis activities train your students to produce perfect answers.
  • Includes original exam-style questions for each topic.
  • Written specifically for the OCR specification, covering the whole of each unit.

The resources matches specification and course companion structure for maximum continuity and comes with suggested answers for each activity.

The resource matches the OCR unit exceptionally well. A Dawkins, Teacher in Charge of Religious Studies & Philosophy, Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3263)
"Excellent! Very good detail to the notes provided... the amount of depth was relevant to what my students needed... Developed their wider reading for their essay skills... The layout is student-friendly and doesn't put students off... Grades have seen an impact for the better." — D Skitt, Head of RE and Customer
"A very comprehensive resource covering all areas of the syllabus with suitable activities to help students to revise the essential points of each topic. It will be very useful for students as it ensures that they focus on the specific topics and key words that will help them to access the highest grades in their examinations... I particularly liked the revision checklists at the beginning of each section... Follows the specification step by step and so helps students to ensure they know each section of the specification. There are also tasks/ questions that require critical analysis and evaluation which are essential skills for success in this specification. This would be especially useful to helps stretch the more able students in a class." — G Edwards, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"The range of tasks and activities are clear and appropriate and would be appreciated by A Level students... Enhances learning by providing useful revision materials and structured tasks that would support classwork as well as make useful homework/independent learning activities... The resource matches and interprets the content and demands of the specification very well... A very good, clear, well presented resource which would benefit students during revision and guided, structured independent learning work." — A Chapman, Asst Principal & Independent Reviewer
"I liked this resource very much and this would work well in conjunction with Zig Zag's course companion... I liked the clear way activities were set out. The checklists so candidates are crystal clear on content, the critical analysis activities build up skills and model answers help candidates to form responses ready for the exams... Good model answers and activities that engage students in tasks - the tasks make the students consider the philosophical questions and this will help them to explain and evaluate in the exams... Matches the specification perfectly... Would I purchase this resource? Absolutely." A Hill, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4346)
'In general, the resource was of a very high standard, written by someone who not only knows the Religious Studies syllabus very well, but understands the needs and interests of the students... The questions were clearly expressed, and the activities were well laid out, functional, but at the same time attractive for the students. The revision checklist at the beginning of each topic clearly showed the student what was required. I was particularly impressed with the comprehensive answers which would make this resource very user friendly for NQTs or a teacher unfamiliar with the specific topic. The resources were generally at just the right level, with bite size responses that required careful thought without being too onerous. The activities were also well varied, with the majority focussed on individual work, but with others that would work equally well with groups. There were also differentiated tasks that would stretch and challenge the students.I liked the way that key points were clearly shown, and after revision activities there were specific exam questions with advice for improving responses... The resource matches the OCR unit G572 exceptionally well... The resource links very well with Jill Oliphants OCR Religious Ethics for AS & A2.'– A Dawkins, Teacher in Charge of Religious Studies & Philosophy, Independent Reviewer
'A clear and comprehensive tour through the key terms, theories and concepts required by the specification. A useful resource for students before their exams which can be used to structure / support revision sessions... Exam style questions and revision check lists useful to keep the key information and end goal clear... The teachers answers are full and simply put for quick reference / to support non-specialists or even for students to self and peer mark from... Helpful to students to have example and prompt answers in places to start them off, also that examples are given from different theoretical perspectives (e.g., in the charts)... A variety of different ways in which students record information e.g., charts, prose, matching concepts with descriptions, complete the sentences... Critical Analysis exercises are helpful for exam skills by prompting elaborating on criticisms given and (as on page 25) prompting students to offer counter arguments... It closely follows the content of the specification and clearly flags up what students need to know... Also address skills required for the exam in the way activities are set up and exam questions given.'– M Bee, Lecturer & Independent Reviewer
'It sets out simple questions and offers answers as a guide... This is a great way of engaging students in discussion, making the students work rather than the teacher teaching all the material. It is also very challenging in most cases as students are given examples to complete the rest. There is assessment for learning happening in every topic. It is differentiated as there are tasks that could be accessed by everyone... It matches the specification as it looks at the application of theories in great detail... it dwells on the strengths and weaknesses of all the theories a crucial part of the specification... You isolate and raise the various issues with the different applied ethics topics. Once students are able to identify the issues, the application is easier.'L Nyuyse, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer

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