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Practitioners: An Introductory Guide to Stanislavski
34 photocopiable A4 pages
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Introducing Stanislavski

A Brief Guide for A Level

Open the 'door to creativity' with this fantastic guide

A series of worksheets and exercises which introduce Stanislavski’s ‘system’ in 10 developmental stages. The structured layout creates a clear line of progress in understanding and applying Stanislavksi’s influence as a theatre practitioner.

By referring to the key concepts in the worksheets provided, students fulfil the requirement to demonstrate their understanding in their written notes.

  • Packed with practical exercises to develop students’ performance skills
  • Includes biography and glossary of Stanislavski-specific terms

Great for the following A Level Units: AQA Unit DRAM2, Edexcel Unit 1 & WJEC Unit DA1

'A superb resource, highly relevant for those choosing to study Stanislavski for Advanced Higehr Drama as well as closely following the unit specifications for AQA/EDEXCEL. Having spent the last 3 years teaching Stanislavski as a practitioner I would most definitely use this resource and recommend it to colleagues.'
KA Cairns, Advanced Higher Drama and Independet Reviewer

'I really like it! Perfectly accessible and works well for both teachers & students. The content is excellent, detailed and well presented. The exercises would fit well into any scheme of work.'
E Tinniswood, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer

'Useful for teachers and a big help for students trying to understand these complex ideas. The layout is very clear and the information accessible. If I was sitting planning a short course introduction to Stanislavski I would need to look no further. A very useful piece supporting good practice in busy times.'
G Jones, AST, former Head of Drama and Independet Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3211)
'A well presented resource that has excellent suggestions for classroom activities. One of my favourite sections was the 10 Step Introduction to the Stanislavski System This flow chart gives the reader a clear understanding of Stanislavski's techniques as a process towards improving acting technique. The resource has a good range of information from background to more detailed explanation of concepts and ideas. This resource enhances learning by guiding teacher through what can be a neglected area in any specification of curriculum. Often it can be difficult to make some of Stanislavskis ideas tangible and the resource helps teachers towards doing so.'D Luckwell, Drama HoD, Independent Reviewer
'I liked it. It does what it says it will do - introduces Stanislavski. It is both theoretical and practical. The resource is clearly written by someone experienced in drama teaching and Stanislavski's practices. I think that the examples used are clear, the logical following through of the system - from block diagram through exercises - is well structured and would easily form the basis of a series of lessons. The exercises logically build on each other and develop understanding of the system I would imagine that the text being studied by the students would run side by side with the resource. Students need to present an understanding of practitioners in performance and I see this resource as allowing them to do that with Stanislavsky.'N Phillips, Drama HoD, Independent Reviewer
'Well-laid out and easy to follow for both students and teachers. It is extemely comprehensive and is pitched at exactly the right level. The presentation was excellent with some nice illustrations and diagrams which enhanced the learning. It explains Stanislavski and his work at the right level for A level students... Very good for [Edexcel] Unit 1 when you need to do text work based on a practitioner.' I Reade, HoD and Independent Reviewer
'A concise yet thorough overview of Stanislavski and some of his techniques. The resource is an excellent way of practically exploring the techniques and ideas of Stanislavski. It showed how the exercises could be developed to enhance and develop your understanding and portrayal of a role. The resource works very well with the spec and would be an excellent resource to structure a scheme of work attached to a specific play. The exercises have practical applications and are suitable for A Level teaching. Informative and useful.' M Kocziban, HoD and A Level Examiner, and Independent Reviewer
'A good introduction to Stanislavski for A Level students. The resource is very user-friendly in that it guides teachers and pupils through The System step-by-step with clear explanations. The ideas contained within it are effective and sequential which allows for a development of knowledge and understanding.' R Jones, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I haven't been able to find any resources on the subject that have been this accessible. The Assessment Objectives are covered at the beginning and the activities included would allow the students to write up some very focused exploration notes to be submitted. This is the first year I have taught this and I think the guide will prove invaluable.' N Worgan, Edexcel Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Overall, I was impressed! Quite detailed and helpful... I like the quotations on every page — useful for discussion. A great resource to use in a workshop situation, as suggested, and having the resource would enable colleagues to team teach very easily — without the usual hours of preparation! I would also consider getting some of my higher ability A level students to use it with younger years, perhaps as an extra-curricular activity or as one of our 'Open Day' activities.' J Ackerley, Drama and English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I think that this resource is accurate, well written, easily accessible and written with secondary school pupils in mind... I liked that it was written in chronological order (in terms of using elements of the system to develop character) and that the examples were simple but relevant to pupils. I also liked that the explanations of the theory were brief and concise.' KA Cairns, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A great introduction to Stanislavski... The exercises are carefully explained and detailed. The activities are sequential and therefore students' knowledge is developed. Students would be able to apply the knowledge they would gain following this resource to support their preparation for unit 2 [AQA] and their coursework notes. In terms of preparing for their production, if the right text was selected, it would be extremely helpful.' B Sibley, Drama Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'The information offered was accurate and relatively easy to follow. It certainly could provide a framework for a SoW on Stanislavski. It had good practical exercises that could be transferred directly into classroom teaching [and] which 6th formers would enjoy and learn from.' A Campbell, Head of Drama and Independent Reviewer
'I enjoyed reading this resource [and] found it to be clear and comprehensible with an excellent choice of exercises... Students would gain a good understanding of the basic ideas and techniques, and be equipped to describe and discuss what they have learnt using appropriate technical language.' G Jones, AST, former Head of Drama and Independent Reviewer

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