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APP Focused Reading & Writing Activities for Year 9
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APP Focused Reading and Writing Activities
For Year 9

6 stand-alone, structured lessons to improve students' reading and writing skills.

Tailored around the Reading and Writing AFs, these lessons are specially designed to boost students' reading and writing levels. The explicit APP focus, together with the variety of texts and differentiated activities, allows teachers to easily address the strengths and weaknesses of their students.
  • Worksheets, paired/individual activities and peer assessment all included
  • Accompanied by 2 PowerPoints exploring uses of language and rhetorical devices

"Teachers can pick it up and use it immediately... I like the active learning tasks — students learn best by doing.
Clear focus and accessible to all. Good for peer assessment and collaborative learning."
M Taylor, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

"Useful activities to prepare Year 9 for GCSEs — this resource is well-matched to the new specs." P Ault, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3173)
"Excellent, focused and helpful with targeted activities and resources accessible to all. It helps improve AF progress step by step. It does the job! We need it done and it helps!" S Verables, Head of English and Satisfied Customer
"Inspiring - excellent choice of extracts, easy to flick through to find activities and a clear choice of differentiation options. It incorporates AFL and encourages self-improvement in pupils. APP is new to our area- this is a good starting point even prior to training." E Evans, English Teacher and satisfied customer
'I like the fact that it addresses APP which has become so important in English teaching. There is certainly a place for this kind of resource and I think it is interesting and useful to have reading and writing activiities. Covers a range of AF points and National Curriculum for Year 9. Definitely good to have some clear APP resources available for use in a department. I think it would work well, particularly as pupils no longer only analyse non-fiction text so good to have a few examples of this. Using PEE successfully will also be a good stepping stone for GCSE work.' N Stirk, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'I thought it was an excellent resource, extremely detailed and well planned. I really like the fact that it all links to the APP foci and the clear objectives ensure it is easy for teachers to plan from this.' G Brown, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'It links in well with the NC work in the English strategy and is also applicable to lower ability GCSE work for Reading and Paper 1.' C Walles, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Very interesting and ticks all the criteria.' V Kondou, English Teacher using APP and Independent Reviewer
'I liked the fact the resource deals thoroughly with the AFs and is very clear on teaching students what kind of things they need to know and the skills they need to develop. It has some useful activities in preparing Year 9 for tests in a GCSE setting.' P Ault, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Reinforces learning with regard to Reading and Writing Assessment Foci... These lessons are good stand-alone lessons or lessons that could be used for cover work.' F Odell, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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