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CEA AS Course Companion: Unit 1
135 photocopiable A4 pages with 300 PowerPoint slides
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CEA AS Course Companion: Unit 2
134 photocopiable A4 pages with 298 PowerPoint slides
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CEA AS Course Companion: Units 1 and 2
169 photocopiable A4 pages with 598 PowerPoint slides
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CEA AS Course Companions

for the new specification

Two comprehensive resources to cover the whole of the new CEA AS Business Studies specification clearly structured in the same order as the specification.

Detailed notes with sample questions and solutions. Also includes a detailed question multiple choice test for each module, encompassing all the topics covered.

  • 50 exam-style data response questions with answers
  • 115 multiple choice questions
  • Revision Checklist
  • Exam and revision advice

Includes a FREE CD-ROM with a complete version of the notes in PowerPoint. Hyperlinks and menus allow easy navigation between sections and questions/answers. Ideal way to go through the questions with your class, tackling them step-by-step, discussing them until an answer is decided upon.

"A very comprehensive resource which would be excellent for any student or teacher teaching this specification... the layout was very student friendly, easy to follow and at the right level for the intended audience."  D Duguid, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3086)
"A very thorough document written in-line totally with the specification... excellent student advice on study, revision and examination techniques. The input on "command words and levels" is very valuable. There are some good examples, linking to both topical current issues such as the downfall of US mortgage market and areas that students would relate to such as MARS global branding, Golden Wonder Pringles, Playstation, Tescos... Students are provided with all of the information required to theoretically pass the exam. The exam questions and multi choice provide the practice to apply the theory and become more self sufficient learners." — S Trueman, Business Lecturer & Independent Reviewer
A very thorough coverage of the unit with all a student would need in terms of the subject content.G Nocher, Acting Head of Business Studies
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3087)
"An excellent resource that covers the specification fully, that would support a student alongside taught lesson and would provide a teacher/lecturer with ideas for format and sequencing of content for revision materials... incredibly thorough and covered a wide breadth, which is what is required for Unit 2... The examples and templates provided at the end of the document provided the 'value add' over and above a text book. There was good reference to theorist models in management styles (Fayol and Mintzberg) which was great to see... The questions used throughout the document were progressive... the exam question type materials at the end of the document fully met the specification evaluation requirements. The use of study plan templates and the support provided linking to the exam board and with example questions was excellent. The additional support provided by explicitly stating the "levels of response required" against command words is very helpful... The key terms/important vocabulary and "did you knows" are very helpful. The use of templates such as study templates would be useful to students independant study and IDPs." — S Trueman, Lecturer & Independent Reviewer
A very comprehensive resource that would help student learning. Very student friendly, with detailed theory presented in a clear and logical way.D Duguid, Head of Business Studies
The exam technique and command words are excellent in preparing students for the exam and should help them to achieve higher marks.G Nocher, Acting Head of Business Studies

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