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Othello Companion for A Level with special focus on Language
46 photocopiable A4 pages
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Language Companion AND Worksheets & Tasks for A Level

Language Companion

Comprehensive, intelligent notes focus on the language in Othello with exciting student tasks and worksheets to reinforce learning.

Sample essay questions with model answers to build students’ confidence for the assessment.

Many topics covered: rhetorical styles of Iago and Othello and the reflection of their characters, rhythm and iambic pentameter, contrasts between blank verse and rhyming verse and many more!

Includes debate prompts, whole class activities, AND inspired individual student tasks!

"I like how this resource covers so many possibilities on what students might be asked in the exam...there were certainly a few topics that I had not thought of. An intensive resource which matches the new specifications very well."
P Ault, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Worksheets & Tasks

Inspired & varied activities to engage & motivate your students!

Activity sheets & notes focusing on: (1) themes, (2) character and (3) each Act as a whole, with an extra group activity based around a court trial of Iago.

Wide range of activities:
Also includes:
Creative writing
and more!
Further discussion points and essay style
for the whole play

Specific essay titles in the format of new 2008
OCR Literature Unit F663 with sample answers!

These resources have been written to comprehensively meet the new 2008 GCE English specifications.

Comprehensively meets
Has also been identified for
Open UnitsShakespeare UnitsSemi-open units
OCR Literature Unit 3
(Section A)
AQA A Lang & Lit Unit 2
Edexcel Lang & Lit Unit 3
Edexcel Literature Unit 4
WJEC Literature Unit 3
OCR Lang & Lit Unit 2
Edexcel Lang & Lit Unit 4
AQA A Literature Unit 4
AQA B Literature Unit 2
Edexcel Literature Unit 2
WJEC Lang & Lit Unit 3
AQA B Lang & Lit Unit 4
(Specified Author)

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2856)
'Clear & detailed. An excellent resource which gets you thinking in detail about Shakespeare's language & challenges your presumptions.'J Orford, Course Coordinator/English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'It is an original resource which would undoubtedly enhance pupils’ learning. I haven’t come across a resource as focused on language before.'N Worgan, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'A very good strong, solid resource... very well balanced with a surprisingly varied number of activities. This is a difficult genre to teach and I feel that this resource achieves that active learning balance well.'J Gillespie, English HoD, Independent Reviewer
'Intelligent interpretations... Would help in preparing and delivering lessons.' R Lodge, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
'Very comprehensive and well-thought out; really honing in on the effect of the tricky aspects of language. Really sharp and precise focus on language of Iago and Othello.' V Kennedy, Head of English and Independent Reviewer

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