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The Oxford Book of War Poetry: A Selection for A Level English
131 photocopiable A4 pages
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The Oxford Book of War Poetry
A Selection for A Level Literature

Incite the imaginations of your students!!

  • Covers 61 poems from the anthology including all the 50 AQA Literature selected poems
  • All poems are analysed individually… in groups… and in context!
  • Every poem beautifully illustrated with suitable images and photographs
  • Key questions with examiner guidance to improve examination results
  • Worksheets tackle the poems in themes to improve comparative skills needed for the exam
Comprehensively meets
Has also been identified for
Open UnitsSemi-open units
AQA A Literature Unit 1 (War) Edexcel Lit U4
OCR Lit U4
OCR Lit/Lang U2
Edexcel Lit/Lang U4
OCR Lit U2 (Post-1900)

"Fabulous. Really comprehensive and easy to follow for students, with some in-depth and quite unusual wider reading options.
[I particularly liked] the wide range of war poetry and the categorisation of the poems for easy thematic teaching.
I was really impressed with it.

L Jenkins, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

"I’m very impressed by the extraordinary amount of work that went into the resource. Staggering! Overall I thought the resource was excellent. The quality of the commentaries on the poetry was high, with good intertextual links and insightful, sometimes subtle, analysis of a wide range of poetic devices. The worksheets were well-focused and the exam style questions apposite."
N Bowen, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

"I think this is a very good resource with some excellent material...it gives both students and teachers helpful information in one place. The web links and bibliography are excellent as are the worksheets and questions."
S Jones, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

"This resource is bound to be gratefully received by students and teachers alike. This resource is in depth, comprehensive and of very high quality. Clear and informative notes on the poems and great links to further information. A further strength is the fact that tasks are placed directly after each small group of poems. This approach encourages and guides close, comparative analysis."
M Courtney-Holt, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3001)
'Excellent! It was very comprehensive and compact. Beautifully presented and logically (and chronologically) constructed. A "spot-on" match to the AQA A Literature specfication!'S Gross, English HoD, Satisfied Customer & Independent Reviewer
'Excellent & useful. It matches the AQA A Literature syllabus, interprets the syllabus sensibly, and is well balanced. 'V Tatham, English Teacher, Satisfied Customer & Independent Reviewer
'Comprehensive and accessible... There is nothing like this available on the market at the moment.' S Alsop, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'The resource has very useful commentaries and is thorough; groupings/comparisons make useful starting points for development by teachers/students; templates/worksheets are very helpful and will save teachers time.' S Jones, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer.
'[The presentation and layout are] very straightforward...exactly what is required, especially for teachers presenting this unit for the first time. I am always on the lookout for poetry which is slightly less well known than the canonical poems, especially to extend the gifted and talented. I could forsee using this resource to great effect to this end.' L Jenkins, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer.
'I liked the thoroughness. The writer has provided very good quality commentaries on a great number of poems. The organisation of the material is also good, with activities neatly summarising and consolidating learning...the worksheets usefully focus reading on key aspects and the resource also implicitly offers a model in terms of methodology for analysing the poems. Information at the end of the resource encourages wider reading and autonomous learning.' N Bowen, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer.
'...The commentaries on the poems offer interesting technical and contextual information...the questions move students' thinking into considering the impact of those technical choices made by the poets in making meaning. [The resource matches the specification] really well...the essay titles very much reflect the kind of thing students would encounter in assessment. Students' learning is structured and supported by the tasks placed at the end of small sections. The questions on the worksheets clearly guide students' thoughts about the individual poems and leads them to draw comparisons between them.' M Courtney-Holt, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer.
'The pitch and the depth are spot-on, and your writer is obviously a stickler for accuracy.' T. M .Hagger, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer.

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