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GCSE Fast Track German Course
193 photocopiable A4 pages with 41 listening exercises on two CDs
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GCSE Fast Track German Course

27 comprehensive lesson course with teaching & revision material and many exercises. Takes students from beginner to GCSE in 1 year. Mixed-skill with a high oral content for lessons plus independent activities including homework. Everything you need is provided.

  • Designed to support those taking German as an extra foreign language
  • 2 FREE CDs of listening exercises including transcripts & answers
  • Easily useable for mainstream language classes & excellent for revision for higher level students

Please note that this resource was written for the previous GCSE specification. You may find that some of the content is still relevant to the course you are currently teaching. We recommend that you preview the resource before placing your order.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2985)
"It is reassuring to know that the author has already piloted it with success. Her timeline for the course seems realistic for one year and the idea that I could use it in different circumstances over two years is appealing.... Can't wait to use it with my classes!" — R Richards, Teacher of German and Independent Reviewer
"Wow, I'm very impressed... I find it quite inspiring... I would certainly recommend it... Possibly the best resource which I have reviewed to date." — I McMillan, Teacher of German and Independent Reviewer
"I liked the very comprehensive and detailed layout which gives very full coverage of this language at GCSE. The introduction gives the teacher a very thorough grasp of how this resource can best be used." — H Powell, Teacher of German and Independent Reviewer
"I like the demanding, language-based, academic approach (e.g. the teaching of the different uses of sein on page 16). I also like the systematic incorporation of a revision section into each teaching unit. I like the fact that the author has managed to cram all the essential materials into a very short course, and has not been afraid to introduce large quantities of new material in a single lesson." — R Bravo, Teacher of German and Independent Reviewer
"It is a very comprehensive resource in terms of getting pupils to be independent in their use and understanding of the language. I imagine that pupils using the course become very confident speakers." — K Stanley, Teacher of German and Independent Reviewer
"The resource encourages independent learning and, in some cases, higher level thinking skills. By the end of the course I think students will have a sound understanding of the essential grammar points required for GCSE level... Grammar is explained well and plently of opportunity is given for students to practise this with the grammar exercises at the end of the resource." — I Storey, Teacher of Modern Languages and Independent Reviewer
"It breaks down complex grammar into comprehensible chunks without cutting down on necessary structures. It provides a good working basis for speedy progress towards a GCSE." — S Klabuhn, German teacher, independent reviewer
"[I particularly liked] the support and structure offered to the teacher, particularly suitable for a linguist who has German as a second foreign language." — C Walles, German teacher, independent reviewer

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