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AQA B Lit: Teaching Tragedy: Introductory Scheme for A Level
59 photocopiable A4 pages.
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AQA B Literature Teaching Tragedy

An Introductory Scheme for A Level

A 12-lesson scheme providing a concise introduction for students. Students learn the history, origin and theory of tragedy and the development of the English tragic style, using extracts from such plays as Oedipus Rex, Hamlet and A Doll’s House.

Students are taught through worksheets and activities including:

  • Extracts of texts
  • Annotation and close reading tasks
  • Research activities
  • Conventional and re-creative tasks for varied coursework practice

Also includes suggested coursework titles and rewritten ‘student-friendly’ AOs.

"Useful for experienced & new teachers. The variety of homework tasks will enable the students to feel prepared to write their coursework tasks & have confidence undertaking re-creative pieces. It … offers a comprehensive overview of two thousand years of tragedy. Students will have encountered so many different texts by the end of it & explored meanings in so many ways the pack enhances their skills as readers."
Nicolas Hall, AQA B A Level Teacher & Independent Reviewer

"It will give teachers & students greater confidence in approaching this new module & specification. The activities are very well-designed, involving students in a variety of collaborative & creative tasks that will develop their learning. The organisation of the Resource into 12 discrete lessons is user-friendly, enabling a teacher to select what they want to focus on."
Mike Peters, AQA B A Level English Teacher, Moderator and Coursework Advisor & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2952)
"Exciting introduction into tragedy. It gives students a solid foundation in understanding what tragedy is, this way the text is easy to teach." K Khan, Satisfied Customer
'Clearly presented, detailed, clearly structured & relevant. I particularly like this resource because it focuses on how to introduce the theme of tragedy and then develop it, using a variety of texts.' C Evans, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'A fantastic teacher resource that is totally comprehensive in content and relates well to the Assessment Objectives. It enhances learning in that it gives you a good overview of the module, allowing you to have a more enriching experience of the tragedy genre which will also feed into wider reading.' C Hornby, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'Fantastic. A really well informed resource which is both supportive and demanding of students. The quality of information given is very high, as are the well pitched, interesting and challenging tasks.' M Courtney-Holt, English Teacher & Ind. Reviewer
'A thorough review on 'Tragedy' and particularly thorough in applying the concept to various examples... [Matches the specification] very well. I struggled to teach the concept of Tragedy, particularly adapting Aristotle to other plays, and this resource would help teachers and students to do this. Thorough resource and better than many that I have purchased!' S Fallon, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'A very comprehensive, knowledgeable resource... There is no doubt that it has been written by an experienced teacher who has excellent knowledge of the specification.'J Colby, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'This is a fine resource... Extremely thorough and meticulously researched' K Bridges, English HOD and Independent Reviewer

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