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150 GCSE French Revision Podcasts 2nd Edition
5 audio CDs with accompanying paper transcripts, a network/intranet CD to add the podcasts to school computers and an mp3 CD to add the podcasts to iPods/mp3 Players.
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150 GCSE French Revision Podcasts 2nd Edition

GCSE French revision tool with 150 spoken questions and answers on CDs. You can listen to the audio CDs in class or students can download the tracks in mp3 format to their iPod/mp3 player (revise and look cool at the same time!).

  • 150 original texts with comprehension questions and answers on separate tracks os the CD and as separate mp3 files
  • Covers all GCSE topics, including those on the new specifications for first teaching September 2009
  • Differentiated: easier texts with questions in English, harder texts with more questions, advanced texts with questions in French
  • Written and recorded by a native speaker

New to the 2nd edition are write-on worksheets to make it easy for you to use these resources in the classroom. These worksheets contain the questions for each text, with space to fill in the answers. Click on Preview 5 below to preview them.

Click on the links below to listen to the texts, questions and answers for three of the 150 texts. The sample from "Getting Around (Travel)" is an easier text with questions in English; the sample from "At Home" is a longer text with more questions; the sample from "Self, Family and Friends" is more advanced with questions in French.

Getting Around (Travel) At Home Self, Family and Friends
Text Text Text
Questions Questions Questions
Answers Answers Answers

Click on Preview to view the paper part of the resource for each of the five units. These are:

  • Me and My Area (click on preview 2)
  • People and Life (click on preview 3)
  • Leisure and Free Time (click on preview 4)
  • School, Work and Money
  • Widening Horizons
  • Write-on Worksheets (click on preview 5)

These units incorporate all the GCSE topics for AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and CCEA.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2873)
"Excellent value for money and, given the format, very appealing to students. It is better than other resources because it is easy to personalise learning to individual pupils. It is very adaptable, pupils can use this at home plus staff can use it in lessons." H Dickinson, Head of MFL, Thornleigh Salesian College
"Good value for money and very useful resource for year 11 GSCE students." — P Bennett, French teacher, Sutton Girls' School, customer review
"It encourages independent study which pupils can work their way through at home as extension work or could be set as homework. This means listening can have an equal footing with the other skills." — K Stanley, GCSE French teacher, independent reviewer
"It uses typical vocabulary that they need to know for the examination." — G Clegg, GCSE French teacher, independent reviewer
"This is an excellent idea and has huge potential across the ability range." — N Thomas, GCSE French teacher and examiner, independent reviewer
"We are always trying to find resources like this." — L Lawlor, GCSE French teacher, independent reviewer
"Encourages independent learning and students need feel no pressure when practising." — C Walles, GCSE French teacher, independent reviewer

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