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AQA B Lit: Antony and Cleopatra Scheme of Work
30 page photocopiable scheme of work with all necessary resources.
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AQA B Lit: Death of a Salesman Scheme of Work
30-page photocopiable scheme of work with all necessary resources
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AQA B Lit: The Bloody Chamber Scheme of Work
35-page photocopiable scheme with all necessary resources
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Schemes of Work for AQA B Literature

New 2008 Specification

Complete schemes of work for AQA B covering approximately 30 sessions. Sessions divided into starter, main activity and homework sections.

  • All necessary resources included - no time wasted writing your own material!
  • Includes a range of coursework essay titles for both linked-text and re-creative essays
  • Explicit reference to the Assessment Objectives throughout

Schemes include suggestions for linked texts with references on where and how to compare them.

"I thought it was excellent. I liked the mixture of good information about the play and clear teaching ideas."
Keith Johnson, English teacher and reviewer of the 'Death of a Salesman' scheme

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2809)
'A useful resource. It includes a range of ideas that should spark off any teacher planning a unit on this text. It is clearly informed by a proper understanding of the text and an up-to-date knowledge of critical opinion.' R Lodge, A Level English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2810)
'A very useful, practical resource. I particularly liked the way it provided practical lesson ideas, as well as good, succinct notes on key points and characters. This resource is excellent in covering AQA LIT B AS coursework. It superbly focuses on the tragic genre by providing an accessible introduction to Aristotle's concepts of tragedy as well as a modern day interpretation of a tragic hero. It lists critics' views and coursework titles suited to this specification.' E Hewitt, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'I thought the resource was excellent... I liked the mixture of good information about the play and its themes, etc. together with clear teaching ideas.' K Johnson, A Level English Examiner/Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I thought that this SoW was particularly well thought out.' V Kennedy, English teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2811)
'Re-invigorates teaching. It is better than other resources because Activities are provided, in addition to notes, taking some of the pressure off teaching at KS5.' D Mayhew, English Teacher and Satisfied Customer
'Absolutely wonderful. I have rarely seen a resource so in tune with the specification, especially one such as this, which goes the 'extra mile' and offers a great insight for students (and teachers!). I liked the entire thing.' J Churchill, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'I thought it was excellent in terms of how it broke down the text into the individual stories and provided lesson plans. Each lesson is explicitly linked to the AOs so that the teacher can ensure that they are always teaching according to the spec. It also offers a variety of tasks to make the lessons engaging. A useful resource that will undoubtedly help teachers effectively deliver this text.' C Hornby, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'I really like the resource. It offers a strong focus for the LitB3 question. I particularly liked the way the author of the unit linked “The Bloody Chamber” with other Gothic texts. It encourages independent learning and helps students to focus on the appropriate Assessment Objectives. Good opportunities for essay writing.' P Sims, English HoD, Independent Reviewer
'This is an excellent resource, providing a detailed scheme of work, including teaching approaches and worksheets, especially designed for AQA B Literature. It satisfies all AOs: AO1 is addressed in the systematic development and discussion of literary terminology - as well as the focus on quotations from the texts. AO2 is addressed throughout with lessons focusing on analysis of language, form and structure. AO3 is very effectively addressed with provision of and guidance on how to use and evaluate critics' views - and in provision of activities using specific linked texts. AO4 is addressed throughout the lesson plans - with references to context and suggested research activities. It is more specifically addressed in the worksheets on the Gothic genre at the end of the resource. The lesson plans provide stimulus activities for pupils to develop knowledge and understanding through talk. The systematic introduction and development of new literary terminology is excellent. The worksheets encourage students' analytical skills and lend themselves to independent learning. This is a very sophisticated resource which would be of benefit to any teacher of A level English.' E Hewitt, English HoD, Independent Reviewer
'A good resource – full of detail. I enjoyed the mix of activities. I particularly like this resource because it addresses the course – spot on.' L Adamson, English Teacher, Satisfied Customer & Independent Reviewer
'An excellent resource with very detailed lesson plans and activities. The AOs are specified so that each worksheet can be differentiated according to ability. Links to poetry and critics' views help the students to think analytically about texts and appreciate different views of the Literature sources.' S Fallon, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'I thought this was a very detailed & engaging resource... The coverage of Assessment Objectives was a nice inclusion so it is clear from outset of lesson which are being covered... Sessions were well planned & motivational. I can imagine the content being covered well in class & the inclusion of planning grids was a nice idea. All the thinking is done in this resource! Images & presentation are faultless - meticulously organised & without any need to adapt. Excellent!' J.Gillespie, Head of English & Independent Reviewer
Invaluable... Lots of detailed notes covering the complex set of short stories. Easy to follow and teachable...Victoria Kennedy, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer
It is the linkage out from 'The Bloody Chamber' that makes this resource stand out. All tasks are well linked to the specification, so a teacher can choose to focus lessons in that way. The ways that the ideas are linked to a wide range of other texts... is a further strength... It definitely has a place in my department and in my teaching.
'Detailed, clear, organised and very helpful on the language side of Carter's text.' K Bridges, English teacher and Independent Reviewer

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