Course Companions for A Level Religious Studies: Philosophy and Ethics (ZigZag Education)

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OCR A2 Course Companion: Both Units G581 and G582 (Philosophy and Ethics)
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OCR A2 Course Companion: Unit G581 Philosophy of Religion
81 photocopiable A4 pages
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OCR A2 Course Companion: Unit G582 Religious Ethics
95 photocopiable A4 pages
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OCR AS Course Companion: Unit G571 Philosophy of Religion
67 photocopiable A4 pages + CD-ROM with recording on the debate of the existence of God (1948)
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OCR AS Course Companion: Unit G572: Religious Ethics
48 photocopiable A4 Pages
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OCR AS Course Companions Units G571 and G572
Complete resource (113 photocopiable A4 pages) + CD-ROM
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Course Companions for A Level Religious Studies: Philosophy and Ethics

Philosophy of Religion & Religious Ethics

Written specifically for the 2008 Specification!

Perfect for accompanying your students through the OCR A Level Religious Studies course. Each section follows a clear structure of:
  1. Starter Activities
  2. Student notes interspersed with questions (for discussion and written answers)
  3. Exam-style questions

  • Follows the specification order exactly - no desperate hunting for the right section!
  • Student-friendly explanations of every topic
  • Revision questions provide excellent preparation for the exam

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5618)
"It gives a detailed description of each relevant module and teaches students everything that they will need to know for the exam, including the key topics and their strengths and weaknesses... it has all the appropriate tools useful for a study guide. It gives a detailed description of each topic, including the main arguments and their strengths and weaknesses, key terminology etc. It also has discussion questions and exam preparation to get the reader thinking, especially on how to prepare for the exam... I particularly like the format of the book, including the details of each topic and some questions to help the revision process... The resource describes each topic thoroughly: it lists the pros and cons of each topic and has discussion questions to help the reader to think. It highlights key terms in bold and provides a brief definition for each one. This process makes it easier for students to absorb and understand important vocabulary. The illustrations make the topic feel more real and less abstract... The layout is very logical and useful. The use of sections makes it easier for the reader to use; headers and sub headers make it easier to assimilate information step-by-step. The order of the information is also very good, i.e. facts, strengths and weaknesses and then questions."– M Ball, Tutor & Independent Reviewer
"I think that overall this is good resource and would be useful for all teachers of this specification. The resource provides useful notes about all the areas covered on the specification. This means that it could be used by teachers as a quick reminder / revision allowing them to brush up before teaching. This would be especially useful if you have not had to teach this since the previous year. Or for students it would provide useful notes that could provide the basis for further reading... The language used was just right for an A Level course meaning it would be accessible with most students. I also liked the footnote references that made it clear where quotes were taken from. This would enable teachers or students to track down anything that was of interest for further reading. There were also a range of questions and activities that would help give some further suggestions for those teaching the course... Some of the areas of this course are quite challenging so accessible notes that could be copied for students will help to put these concepts across... Having a photocopiable resource means that students are able to write on these, highlighting or annotating sections, which will add to their understanding."– A Walmsley, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Excellent - very informative and a wide range of thinkers were referred to as opposed to, for example, the main OCR text book. This will provide the students with evidence of wider reading for the exam... I liked the way the page was broken up with exam tips, key points/diagrams and activities. I particularly liked the activities as they encouraged participatory learning and required the pupil to engage with the text rather than simply consume it... An excellent range of tasks (both traditional questions and shorter activities), opportunity for analysis and reference to wider texts all made for enhanced educational value as well as the clear format and accessible language... it matched the scheme of work well. It focussed on typical examples (for example Leopold and Loeb) but also brought in examples from other areas and included a wide range of thinkers.'– H Kunda, Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Very good - well explained, student friendly and format is very clear... the author's writing style is great for low-mid ability students who need a quick but thorough revision guide... Nice choice of activities and questions for discussion. The teachers notes at the start were great and I really liked how the author explained certain key terms in questions students may encounter. Good inclusion of quotes and level of detail... very useful for last minute revision. Inclusion of quotes is very helpful to candidates who may wish to memorise 2/3 for the exam... Matches the specification exceedingly well- all content specified by exam board is covered in this resource and the author clearly has taught this for many years- there is a sense of 'ease' with this resource- whilst I am sure this is not true, it appears that this author produced this in merely 2/3 hours. That's a compliment!"– C&Nbsp;Allen, Lecturer & Independent Reviewer
'A good alternative to a bulky textbook, this booklet will be useful to students who like to read over the basics before the exam... I liked the student-friendly phrasing/ explanations and the layout was very clear.'– C Allen, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'A very comprehensive resource which draws upon a wide variety of scholars, case studies and documents to teach and illustrate the specification. The resource is academically accurate throughout and reads very well. The author voice is consistent throughout... The content is excellent and will enable the most able students to achieve the highest grades... scholarly sources are wide ranging – from ancient Greek philosophers and early church fathers right through to the modern era. I like the ‘quick quizzes’ which check comprehension. Absolutely everything students need to know to meet the criteria for the syllabus is contained in this companion... As mentioned above, I can think of nothing to add to the content of this companion and the most able students cannot fail to gain the highest grades if they use this companion... It matches the specification exactly and covers every scholar and idea students need to know to meet to specification.'– F Fell, RS Teacher, Examiner & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2797)
'Excellent. I continue to buy most of the resources from ZigZag to complement the text books, as I find the information and layout very clear and easy to use... The activities at the end of each unit are a good idea, as not too much information is being presented all at once... Quick Quiz Questions help them to test their understanding and comprehension of the material... The accompanying CD ROM with the 1948 debate was useful. Information divided up under sub headings good. Less daunting for students... Very valuable. Material is accessible to all students clear, concise. I have already recommended ZigZag materials to the staff in the schools I visit as an AST.'C Smith, RE Subject Leader at Chellaston Academy, Customer
'Appropriate to our level of students, concise... Easy to read, gives accurate info... Get it, especially if you have students struggling with concepts.'C Dunnett, RS Teacher & Customer
"Excellent material... Gives an easy structure to topics covered and provides excellent tasks... clear and well laid out... Matches the specification perfectly." — S Cooke, Head of RE and Satisfied Customer
"Good resource for teachers and for students — excellent starting points. Good use of exam-type questions... the resource is excellent in matching and interpreting the specification — all ground covered." — D Brodowska, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer

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