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Imaginative KS3 Emergency Lessons 2nd edition
36 page photocopiable resource
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Spontaneous Survival Lessons for KS3
30 spontaneous lessons - photocopiable resource although photocopying not required.
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Structured Cover Lessons for KS3
31 photocopiable Pages
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Structured Cover Lessons for KS4
28 photocopiable pages
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Cover Lessons for KS3 and KS4

6 varied cover lesson resources for English.
Buy all 6 to get a great range of materials by different authors to pick and choose from.

Structured Cover Lessons for KS3 and KS4

Ever need a cover lesson but have no time to prepare? These packs contain 12 free-standing cover lessons suitable for years 7 through to 9, plus 12 cover lessons suitable for GCSE pupils.

They are full of innovative ideas to keep your students working hard and entertained. The activities are introduced by a cartoon character called Mr Micawber and cover language skills, reading skills and writing skills.

  • Answers and teacher guidance provided
  • Tracking sheets included to keep track of which classes have used which sheets.
  • Objective led, well structured tasks with minimal input required from a cover teacher
  • Each cover lesson fits on 2 sides of A4.

Cover Lessons for KS3 and KS4

Original stimulus material with self-contained tasks for students. Each cover lesson focusses on one theme or topic and fits on a single sheet.

Topics include: human rights, GM crops, managing money, poltical parties and voting, national and personal identity, living with the past, the justice system, young people and crime, the media.

Imaginative Emergency Lessons KS3

Imaginative lesson plans and worksheets for use on days when a teacher is absent at short notice. Stimulating, ensures valuable work is done and ties in with the National Curriculum. Designed for easy photocopying and each contains a collection of easy-to-follow exercises, with suggested timings and star-rated difficulty.

  • 12 Worksheets
  • 7 extension sheets
  • Wide variety of topics
  • Exercises designed to stimulate pupils creatively

Spontaneous Survival Lessons in English

Thirty lesson plans and ideas providing support for the busy teacher of English and/or EFL to students of all levels. Assumes little previous knowledge. No preparation needed. Contains simple explanations of language forms being taught and extensive suggestions for language assimilation and practice.

I was teaching English as a Foreign Language as a supply teacher recently and was approached by another teacher. He could not prepare his lessons for the afternoon because the photocopier had broken down. Using the ideas contained in this book, I gave him several suggestions for his lessons using the same vocabulary and grammar focus that he had originally planned, but not using photocopies. He was delighted. This is just one of many incidents that have indicated a strong need for this book.

Students need no other equipment other than something to write with and something to write on. Range of material from KS3 to advanced.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (1121)
"Helpful and easy to use. It cuts down on planning and is quick when someone is unexpectedly absent or taken ill." C Davies, English Teacher and Satisfied Customer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (717)
Great as there is no need to photocopy sheets.
'Excellent, in depth and comprehensive. It covered just about every 'issue' with English grammar. Extremely useful as it covers so many of the principles of grammar. It enhances learning by its very comprehensiveness. This is an excellent resource; there has obviously been a lot of time and effort spent.' J Churchill, EFL Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I liked the resource and how each lesson had a clear objective, breaking grammar down into manageable chunks. The lessons were explained clearly and could be left for cover work. There were a range of activities suggested and I liked how they were spontaneous. The short activities would work well on a notoriously difficult topic to teach.' N Worgan, GCSE English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
The focus of the work was excellent. The activities appealed to a broad range of learning styles and many were linked to the everyday, e.g. newspapers.
'An invaluable resource for any English teacher... The explanations at the beginning of each activity make it great for those teaching English when it is not their first subject... This resource would match any spec and any year group because of the wide variety of material included.' C McFlynn, EAL Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'If a class struggles with a specific word class / framework objective, there is an activity available here to support... These activities could also be used as effective starter or plenaries to address skill foci of the class.' L Neukom, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2503)
"The people/person who wrote it was/were expert(s). Its accessible yet stimulating. It's challenging, not condescending." J Potts, Head of Department and Satisfied Customer
'The activities are very worthwhile for the pupils.' D Coppard, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Attractive and useful.' V Flute, Supply Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (2504)
'I like the fact that there are so many different topics covered, each one able to "stand alone" as a cover lesson. Pupils, I am sure, would enjoy working their way through each lesson.The lessons cover a wide range of essential topics at a challenging level. The lessons are enjoyable enough to encourage pupils to work through them willingly during a cover lesson.' P Moore, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'I particularly liked the way each cover lesson contained a range of activities which should ensure all pupils are kept on task and engaged throughout. Opportunities for developing literacy skills are intrinsic to this resource. This is a practical, useful resource which could be used effectively for cover lessons by any English department.' E Hewitt, HoD and Independent Reviewer
'The fact that (the lessons) are self-contained and could be delivered by anyone is great.' S Mitchell, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'The best cover resource I've seen in a long time.' C Walles, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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