In der Zukunft

Finding the verb you want to use
Using 'werden'
Word order
NC level
Using the future, in the future

In comparison with the Past Tense, and even the Present Tense, the future tense in German is very easy.

Finding the verb you want to use

When you look your verb up in the dictionary, you will find it in its 'en' form, the infinitive. You will need this part of the verb for the future tense. There are no exceptions. Even strong verbs follow this same pattern. But you do need something else as well.


Look up the following verbs.
1. eat
2. watch TV
3. go out
4. sleep
5. travel
6. work
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Using 'werden'

You need to use part of this verb, which also means 'to become' to help to form your future tense.


            ich werde                      I shall

            du wirst                                    you (friendly, one person) shall

            er/sie/es man/  wird       he/she/it/one will

            wir werden                   we shall

            ihr werdet                     you (friendly, more than one person) shall

            Sie werden                    you (polite, one or many) shall

            sie werden                    they will


Use your dictionary and this list, if you need to, and work out how to say the following.   

1.       I shall swim.

2.       We shall travel.

3.       They will arrive.

4.       He will read.

5.       You (talking to your best friend) shall drink.

6.       You (talking to an adult guest) shall sleep.


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Word order

Study the word order in the two examples below.

Ich werde am Sonntag mit meiner Mutter schwimmen gehen.

Sie wird morgen eine Prüfung in der Schule haben.

Notice that you have, in this order

1.       the part of 'werden'

2.       the rest of the sentence

3.       the infinitive of the verb you are putting into the future.

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NC level

If you have been mainly successful in these exercises, then you are working at level 4 and working towards level 5. Once you can work out the future tense quickly and use it fluently and accurately you will be working at level 5. When you start to master other similar structures well, use your dictionary accurately and productively and make a positive effort to use and learn new structures which you meet, you will soon work your way up through levels 6, 7 & 8. You could try greeting your teacher every lesson with something about what you plan to do in the future.



Using the future, in the future

Try to bring the future into all of your conversations and written work from now on. It is natural in everyday speaking and writing to have a mixture of tenses.  


Remember, it can be used for anything which will happen in the next few seconds, the next few hours or in a thousand years time!