Notes to Students

In order to produce accurate German, you need to be able to structure your language well. This involves having a good understanding of German grammar. The following exercises should help you with this.

This resource is designed to help you work independently of your teacher. You should work through each exercise and get the computer to check it for you when you have finished. Some answers need to be checked by the teacher.

You should try to use the new structures you meet as soon as possible in other work. Always check your written work carefully, preferably checking for one grammar point at a time.

Once you have worked through all of the exercises successfully, go over the last section again. You may find it useful to keep this in your folder or exercise book, and look through before and after you attempt any piece of written work.

There is an important section on how to use a dictionary. Using a dictionary effectively can make you even more independent in your work. Even if you are not allowed to use them in your exam, you will be able to use one now to help to build up your knowledge of the language. Also, you will be able to use one on any occasion when you may need to use your German after the exam.

This resource does not contain all of the grammar you will ever need to know, but it does give you practise in some of the most important points and how to use them. There are also some exercises on how to use a grammar book or the grammar pages of your textbook.

This is your chance to be in complete charge of the language.

Viel Spaß!