Future Publication Dates

Updated on: 2nd December 2016


Publications for Music which are not yet ready for dispatch:

PODCategoryPublication TitleAncitipated* Dispatch
7205AQAGCSE AQA Set Work Analysis: Santana Supernatural (exams from 2018)17/03/2017 - 21/04/2017
7064AQAGCSE AQA Keyword Activities: Component 1 - Understanding Music (exams from 2018)13/01/2017 - 12/02/2017
7208EdexcelAS/A Level Edexcel Set Work Analysis: New Directions (exams from 2017/18)08/04/2017 - 06/05/2017
7207EdexcelAS/A Level Edexcel Set Work Analysis: Instrumental Music (exams from 2017/18)17/03/2017 - 21/04/2017
7065EdexcelGCSE Edexcel Keyword Activities: Component 3 - Appraising (exams from 2018)13/01/2017 - 12/02/2017
7067EduqasGCSE Eduqas Keyword Activities: Component 3 - Appraising (exams from 2018)13/01/2017 - 12/02/2017
7437OCRGCSE OCR Student Guide to AoS2: The Concerto Through Time09/05/2017 - 06/06/2017
7066OCRGCSE OCR Keyword Activities: Listening and Appraising (exams from 2018)13/01/2017 - 12/02/2017

*Note that these are estimated dates and may rely on factors outside of our control.

Pre-order Items

Why are some resources listed as pre-orders?
This is because we are taking orders while the resource is being prepared for publication.
What do the dates on pre-order items mean?
  • The earlier date is the best-case scenario the date by which we aim to dispatch the resource to you, if the resource sails through quality and similar checks.
  • The later date is given to indicate the latest date by which you should expect the resource to be dispatched.
Will the dates ever be set back?
The dates may occasionally be set back (e.g. where an external expert checker requests essential improvements to a resource and changes need to be made by an external writer). We will let you know if this happens. Be assured that we will be working as hard as possible to get the resource to you as soon as possible.
What if I need the resource before the date(s) given?
If you have a query or need a pre-order resource for a specific date sooner than those given, please email us at CustomerServices@ZigZagEducation.co.uk to let us know. We may be able to raise the priority of a resource through production cycles if several customers request it.
How can I be kept informed of when pre-order items are ready for dispatch?
You can request to receive an email alert when a particular resource becomes ready for dispatch by clicking on the button on the web page for that product.

You can also register to recieve alerts for all new resources for your subject, by choosing a subject on the left and then completing the form on the right of the page.

Email Alerts

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