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Transform your students from linguaphobes into linguaphiles with practical, comprehensive and engaging teaching and learning resources from ZigZag Education. Speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, translation, culture, revision, exam practice… we’ve got it covered!

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web/318344 Photocopiable and Interactive Crosswords for KS3£69+VAT£49+VATAdd to basket
web/6931Culture Cards for KS3 French (Famous People) £39Add to basket
web/3339Embedded ICT in KS3 French£69Add to basket
web/6448Exploring... Cote d'Azur (Year 8)£59Add to basket
web/7631Exploring... Kirikou et la sorcière (Year 8) Pre-order now (date TBC) £59Add to basket
web/6444Exploring... Le Petit Nicolas (Year 9)£59Add to basket
web/6443Exploring... Midi-Pyrenees (Year 9)£59Add to basket
web/6436Exploring... Tahiti (Year 7)£59Add to basket
web/6440Exploring... Une vie de chat (Year 7)£49Add to basket
web/1297Interactive learning verbs£29+VATAdd to basket
web/6682KS3 French Grammar Activities£69Add to basket
web/3438KS3 French Homeworks (Year 7)£109Add to basket
web/3439KS3 French Homeworks (Year 8)£99Add to basket
web/3440KS3 French Homeworks (Year 9)£79Add to basket
web/3443KS3 French Homeworks (Years 7-9)£287£229Add to basket
web/6518KS3 French Short Stories- Year 7 Historical Fiction£49Add to basket
web/6385KS3 French Short Stories- Year 8 Comedy£49Add to basket
web/6113KS3 French Short Stories- Year 8 Fantasy£59Add to basket
web/6324KS3 French Short Stories- Year 8 Gothic£49Add to basket
web/6454KS3 French Short Stories- Year 8 Historical Fiction£49Add to basket
web/6174KS3 French Short Stories- Year 8 Spy/Detective£39Add to basket
web/6194KS3 French Short Stories- Year 9 Fantasy£59Add to basket
web/6322KS3 French Short Stories- Year 9 Gothic£49Add to basket
web/6305KS3 French Short Stories- Year 9 Historical Fiction £44Add to basket
web/6129KS3 French Short Stories- Year 9 Romance £44Add to basket
web/6321KS3 French Short Stories- Year 9 Spy & Detective£49Add to basket
web/2784KS3 Practice for All 4 Skills: Macdonald, Napoleon's General£59Add to basket
web/2835KS3 Writing Exercises: Donald and Rosie and the Moliere Club£59Add to basket
web/2420Reading & Writing for KS3+ : Jacqui et Jacqueline£49Add to basket
web/2421Sing Yourself Out of Trouble£24Add to basket


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