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Transform your students from linguaphobes into linguaphiles with practical, comprehensive and engaging teaching and learning resources from ZigZag Education. Speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, translation, culture, revision, exam practice… we’ve got it covered!

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Price includes site copy licence • All prices are VAT zero-rated unless stated otherwise • £3 P&P per order (in the UK) unless stated otherwise

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A Level All Boards (legacy)
web/2786AS French Revision Guide£69Add to basket
web/2787AS French Revision Guide and Upgrade to A£89Add to basket
web/4325AS French Revision: Supplement for A Grade Students£20Add to basket
web/3170AS/A2 French Extension Exercises£59Add to basket
web/6331Controversial Debate Topics for A Level French£89Add to basket
web/3713Getting to Know... Amelie£59Add to basket
web/5541Getting to Know... Au revoir les enfants£59Add to basket
web/3714Getting to Know... Brittany£49Add to basket
web/5709Getting to Know... Candide£89Add to basket
web/5907Getting to Know... Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt£69Add to basket
web/5785Getting to Know... Intouchables£69Add to basket
web/4504Getting to Know... La France sous l'occupation£69Add to basket
web/4423Getting to Know... La Haine£69Add to basket
web/6111Getting to Know... Les 400 Coups £89Add to basket
web/4277Getting to Know... Les Choristes£64Add to basket
web/5312Getting to Know... Les Mains sales£59Add to basket
web/5357Getting to Know... L'Etranger£89Add to basket
web/5542Getting to Know... M Batignole£64Add to basket
web/5540Getting to Know... Mai 68£59Add to basket
web/4983Getting to Know... Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur£69Add to basket
web/240Introduction to Tenses£16Add to basket
web/1065Introduction to Tenses (Digital)£24+VATAdd to basket
web/4792Les Faux Amis: 'False Friends' Translation Supplement£34Add to basket
web/3913Practice Exercises for Translation Skills in French (English to French) 2nd Ed£99Add to basket
web/2849Practise Your A Level French - Interactive CD-ROM - Unlimited Site Licence£149+VATAdd to basket
web/4841Topical Articles with Exercises for A2 French Volume 1 4th Ed£39Add to basket
web/4842Topical Articles with Exercises for A2 French Volume 2 4th Ed£39Add to basket
web/5707Topical Articles with Exercises for A2 French Volume 3£39Add to basket
web/4839Topical Articles with Exercises for AS French Volume 1 4th Ed£39Add to basket
web/4840Topical Articles with Exercises for AS French Volume 2 4th Ed£39Add to basket
web/5708Topical Articles with Exercises for AS French Volume 3£39Add to basket


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