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English Teaching Resources

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Engage your students with all that English has to offer with photocopiable teaching resources for English Literature, English Language, Lang & Lit and Creative Writing.

Price includes site copy licence • All prices are VAT zero-rated unless stated otherwise • £3 P&P per order (in the UK) unless stated otherwise

Electronic Copies are available for most products (on CD-ROM) (these options will become available at checkout)

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Legacy GCSE (Y11)

Anthology ~ AQA
web/3905AQA Poetry Anthology Activity Pack: Character and Voice£49Add to basket
web/3907AQA Poetry Anthology Activity Pack: Conflict£49Add to basket
web/3906AQA Poetry Anthology Activity Pack: Place£49Add to basket
web/3908AQA Poetry Anthology Activity Pack: Relationships£49Add to basket
web/3901AQA Poetry Anthology Resource Pack: Character and Voice£79Add to basket
web/3903AQA Poetry Anthology Resource Pack: Conflict£79Add to basket
web/3902AQA Poetry Anthology Resource Pack: Place£79Add to basket
web/3904AQA Poetry Anthology Resource Pack: Relationships£79Add to basket
web/3839AQA Poetry Anthology: All Clusters Activity Pack£147Add to basket
web/3838AQA Poetry Anthology: All Clusters Resource Pack£237Add to basket
web/3841AQA Prose Anthology Short Stories Resource Pack£54Add to basket

Anthology ~ OCR
web/5014Benjamin Zephaniah Poem Commentaries with Activities£64Add to basket
web/4150C Rossetti Poem Commentaries with Activities + Audio£64Add to basket
web/4224CA Duffy Poem Commentaries with Activities£64Add to basket
web/4665Carol Ann Duffy: Complete Poetry Pack supporting Weaker Learners£74Add to basket
web/4311G Chaucer Poem Commentaries with Activities + Audio£69Add to basket
web/5426Gillian Clarke Poem Commentaries and Activities £64Add to basket
web/3997R Browning Poem Commentaries with Activities + Audio£64Add to basket
web/4755Seamus Heaney Poem Commentaries with Activities£59Add to basket
web/4749Simon Armitage Poem Commentaries with Activities£64Add to basket
web/4590Thomas Hardy Poem Commentaries with Activities + Audio£84Add to basket
web/4241W Owen Poem Commentaries with Activities + Audio£79Add to basket
web/4312W Shakespeare Poem Commentaries with Activities + Audio£79Add to basket

Controlled Assessment & Examination Support
web/4453AQA Practice Papers for English Unit 1/Language Unit 1£69Add to basket
web/4998AQA Revision Guides: Understanding and Producing Non-fiction £59Add to basket
web/5686Building Revision and Exam Skills for GCSE (Weaker Learners)£34Add to basket
web/5695Teaching Spoken Language WJEC Controlled Assessment 2015£54Add to basket
web/4382WJEC Literature Unit 3 Controlled Assessment: Definitive Guide£99Add to basket

Drama: Literary Heritage
web/425525 Fun Starters for Macbeth£34+VATAdd to basket
web/425625 Fun Starters for Much Ado About Nothing£34+VATAdd to basket
web/425425 Fun Starters for Romeo and Juliet£34+VATAdd to basket
web/5685Hamlet Study Guide for GCSE£79Add to basket
web/3735Julius Caesar Study Guide£69Add to basket
web/5502Macbeth A5 Revision Cards for GCSE£69Add to basket
web/5194Macbeth Gifted and Talented Challenge Pack for GCSE£79Add to basket
web/3603Macbeth Study Guide£69Add to basket
web/5608Macbeth Weaker Learner Support Pack for GCSE£79Add to basket
web/3605Much Ado About Nothing Study Guide£69Add to basket
web/5673Romeo and Juliet A5 Revision Cards for GCSE£69Add to basket
web/4625Romeo and Juliet Activity Pack£69Add to basket
web/3686Romeo and Juliet Study Guide£69Add to basket
web/4030Twelfth Night Activity Pack£69Add to basket
web/4821Twelfth Night Study Guide£69Add to basket

Drama: Modern
web/5291A Taste of Honey Study Guide for GCSE£69Add to basket
web/3453A View from the Bridge Activity Pack£46Add to basket
web/3685A View from the Bridge Study Guide£86Add to basket
web/3690An Inspector Calls Activity Pack£46Add to basket
web/4310An Inspector Calls Study Guide£79Add to basket
web/5692An Inspector Calls Weaker Learner Support Pack£69Add to basket
web/4754An Inspector Calls: Activities and Worksheets to Challenge G&T Students£79Add to basket
web/4402Educating Rita Activity Pack£64Add to basket
web/3684Educating Rita Study Guide£56Add to basket
web/3996Journey's End Activity Pack£64Add to basket
web/3802Journey's End Study Guide£56Add to basket
web/4261Kindertransport Activity Pack£59Add to basket
web/5691Kindertransport Study Guide£59Add to basket
web/5535The Crucible Activity Pack for GCSE£59Add to basket
web/3736The Crucible Study Guide£59Add to basket
web/3801The History Boys Activity Pack£69Add to basket
web/5696The History Boys Gifted and Talented Pack£74Add to basket
web/3687The History Boys Study Guide£74Add to basket

web/4084E20 - AQA Spoken Language Study£44Add to basket
web/5533GCSE English Key Terms Bundle: Dictionary and Worksheets£49Add to basket
web/5607GCSE English Language Support Pack (Endorsed)£64Add to basket
web/3738How to get an A* for both GCSE Language and Literature£84Add to basket

web/5294AQA Unseen Poetry Teaching Companion (2015 exams)£99Add to basket
web/5313Edexcel Unseen Poetry Teaching Companion (2015 exams)£79Add to basket
web/5428OCR Unseen Poetry Teaching Companion (2015 exams)£59Add to basket

Prose: Different Cultures
web/3565Anita and Me Activity Pack£69Add to basket
web/3683Anita and Me Study Guide£59Add to basket
web/5500I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Study Guide £74Add to basket
web/4399Mister Pip Activity Pack£64Add to basket
web/3602Of Mice and Men Activity Pack£46Add to basket
web/5191Of Mice and Men Gifted and Talented Challenge Pack for GCSE£79Add to basket
web/3563Of Mice and Men Study Guide£79Add to basket
web/5293Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha Study Guide£64Add to basket
web/5157Purple Hibiscus Study Guide£64Add to basket
web/4291To Kill A Mockingbird Activity Pack£69Add to basket
web/5664To Kill A Mockingbird Revision Cards for GCSE£69Add to basket
web/5606To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide (Endorsed)£79Add to basket
web/5414Tsotsi Study Guide £59Add to basket

Prose: Literary Heritage
web/4902A Christmas Carol Activity Pack£89Add to basket
web/3744A Christmas Carol Study Guide£69Add to basket
web/3806Animal Farm Activity Pack£69Add to basket
web/5413Animal Farm Gifted and Talented Pack£84Add to basket
web/5526Animal Farm Revision Cards for GCSE£58Add to basket
web/4029Animal Farm Study Guide£59Add to basket
web/5460Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve Study Guide for GCSE£69Add to basket
web/3777Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Activity Pack£64Add to basket
web/5527Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Gifted and Talented Pack for GCSE£79Add to basket
web/5684Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Revision Cards for GCSE£69Add to basket
web/3803Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Study Guide£54Add to basket
web/5609Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Weaker Learner Support Pack for GCSE£79Add to basket
web/3851Great Expectations Activity Pack£79Add to basket
web/4309Great Expectations Study Guide£74Add to basket
web/4003Lord of the Flies Activity Pack£54Add to basket
web/5104Lord of the Flies Gifted and Talented Challenge Pack£74Add to basket
web/4031Lord of the Flies Study Guide£54Add to basket
web/5506The Hound of the Baskervilles Activity Pack (endorsed)£74Add to basket
web/4259The Hound of the Baskervilles Study Guide£74Add to basket
web/5159The Withered Arm and Other Wessex Tales Study Guide£69Add to basket
web/5800Wuthering Heights Activity Pack£79Add to basket
web/3854Wuthering Heights Study Guide£54Add to basket

Prose: Modern
web/4581About a Boy GCSE Activity Pack£69Add to basket
web/5678About a Boy Gifted and Talented Pack£69Add to basket
web/3805About a Boy Study Guide£69Add to basket
web/5347About a Boy Weaker Learner Support Pack £49Add to basket
web/4187Heroes GCSE Activity Pack£64Add to basket
web/3649Heroes Study Guide£86Add to basket
web/4083Martyn Pig Activity Pack£54Add to basket
web/3688Martyn Pig Study Guide£49Add to basket
web/4316Never Let Me Go Study Guide£74Add to basket
web/4756The Woman in Black Activity Pack£74Add to basket
web/5663The Woman in Black Gifted and Talented Pack£69Add to basket
web/3746The Woman in Black Study Guide£49Add to basket
web/3804Touching the Void Activity Pack£59Add to basket
web/3689Touching the Void Study Guide£49Add to basket


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