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English Teaching Resources

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Engage your students with all that English has to offer with photocopiable teaching resources for English Literature, English Language, Lang & Lit and Creative Writing.

Price includes site copy licence • All prices are VAT zero-rated unless stated otherwise • £3 P&P per order (in the UK) unless stated otherwise

Electronic Copies are available for most products (on CD-ROM) (these options will become available at checkout)

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Author Studies
web/590119th Century Prose: Introducing Charles Dickens in Year 9£69Add to basket
web/5525Teaching David Almond in Year 7£79Add to basket
web/5799Teaching Malorie Blackman in Year 8£79Add to basket

Contemporary Drama and Prose Fiction
web/5092A Kestrel for a Knave Notes and Activities for KS3£39Add to basket
web/1605Buddy Activity Pack£22Add to basket
web/5129Daz 4 Zoe Notes and Activities for KS3£39Add to basket
web/5403Frankenstein the play by Philip Pullman: Activity Sheets£49Add to basket
web/1602Holes Activity Pack£27Add to basket
web/3594Holes APP Pack£49Add to basket
web/1586Millions Activity Pack£33Add to basket
web/5189My Name is Mina: Notes and Activities for KS3£69Add to basket
web/5161Northern Lights Notes and Activities for KS3£69Add to basket
web/5612Our Day Out Activity Pack for KS3£49Add to basket
web/3810Private Peaceful KS3 Activity Pack£39Add to basket
web/979Refugee Boy Study Guide£35Add to basket
web/2933Roald Dahl Short Story SoW£34Add to basket
web/5015Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry Notes and Activities for KS3£39Add to basket
web/2202Skellig Activity Pack£32Add to basket
web/1655Stone Cold Activity Pack£22Add to basket
web/3330The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Activity Pack for KS3£49Add to basket
web/5670The Chief's Daughter by Rosemary Sutcliff: Activities for KS3 English£54Add to basket
web/1925The Fire Eaters Activity Pack£33Add to basket
web/5090The Go-Between Notes and Activities for KS3£44Add to basket
web/5160The Hobbit Notes and Activities£59Add to basket
web/5292The House of Silk Teacher's Notes and Student Worksheets£49Add to basket
web/5173The Hunger Games Notes and Activities£44Add to basket
web/2744The Whale Rider SoW£34Add to basket
web/5128To Kill a Mockingbird Notes and Activities for KS3£54Add to basket
web/5069War Horse Scheme of Work£44Add to basket
web/3860Who is 'The Woman in Black'? Resource Pack for Year 8/9£42Add to basket
web/5390Witch Child Notes and Activities for KS3£59Add to basket

Contemporary Poetry
web/2741After Canterbury Tales: telling modern pilgrims' tales£24Add to basket
web/2203Poetry Across Cultures SoW£49Add to basket

Cover Lessons
web/1121Imaginative KS3 Emergency Lessons 2nd edition£29Add to basket
web/717Spontaneous Survival Lessons for KS3£33Add to basket
web/2503Structured Cover Lessons for KS3£33Add to basket

web/5674Homework Booklets with Answers for Year 7 (Second Edition)£84Add to basket
web/5675Homework Booklets with Answers for Year 8 (Second Edition)£84Add to basket
web/5676Homework Booklets with Answers for Year 9 (Second Edition)£84Add to basket

KS2/3 Transition
web/4995Year 6 - Year 7 Transition Booklet plus FREE extension booklet£52£39Add to basket

Literacy, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
web/833English Grammar Game£12Add to basket
web/5002English Style Guide for KS3£39Add to basket
web/119Fun Activities£16Add to basket
web/2304Grammar Poems£39Add to basket
web/2005Grammar Wks for SEN & Year 7/8£39Add to basket
web/5501Improving Literacy with Short Stories for Years 7 and 8£54Add to basket
web/120Language Worksheets£33Add to basket
web/1176Perfect Punctuation Plus£39Add to basket
web/1115Perfect Punctuation via Stimulating Worksheets£29Add to basket
web/6131Stretch & Challenge: Structuring Sentences & Texts - KS3 Higher Ability Writing£64Add to basket
web/4601Vocabulary Extension Exercises£54Add to basket
web/123Vocabulary Worksheets£14Add to basket
web/288Word Level Starter Activities£49Add to basket
web/316Word/Sentence/Text Activity Pack£18Add to basket

Literary Heritage Drama and Prose Fiction
web/4196Jason & The Argonauts SoW for KS3£29Add to basket
web/4260Murder Mysteries Resource Pack & SoW£29Add to basket

Literary Heritage Poetry
web/3331An Introduction to Chaucer for Year 7£49Add to basket
web/3350Beowulf Resource Pack & SoW£29Add to basket
web/3861Beowulf SoW for lower ability£49Add to basket
web/3737Listening to Literary Heritage Poetry Pack for Year 9£59+VATAdd to basket
web/3834Listening to Rhythm in Poetry Pack for Year 9£59+VATAdd to basket

web/5627Reading and Writing Non-fiction at KS3: Differentiated Activity Pack£79Add to basket
web/5698The Diary of Anne Frank: SOW for Year 7£79Add to basket

Reading, Writing & Speaking
web/5928Activities for Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic Learners in KS3 English£59Add to basket
web/2434AFL Fiction and Media Lesson Plans£39Add to basket
web/3173APP Focused Reading & Writing Activities for Year 9£29Add to basket
web/5350Best Daze of your Life: original play exploring stereotypes & characterisation£39Add to basket
web/2317Climate Change: Informative and Persuasive Writing SoW£32Add to basket
web/347Constructive Discussions in English: Gender£18Add to basket
web/3179Creative English Tasks to Explore Bible Stories£39Add to basket
web/6429Creative Writing Resource Pack: Dystopian Young Adult Fiction (KS3)£49Add to basket
web/122Creative Writing Worksheets£27Add to basket
web/1957Dragons: Writing in Different Styles KS3 SoW£29Add to basket
web/5431Fables and Legends: Help with Reading in Year 7£69Add to basket
web/3064Fiction Writing Course for Year 7£39Add to basket
web/4544Four Home Truths and a Ghost Story (Second Edition)£39Add to basket
web/3691Gothic Horror Short Stories Resource Pack & SoW (for Year 9 Gifted & Talented)£46Add to basket
web/2170Hold the Front Page: Newspapers Activity Pack£24Add to basket
web/3541Imaginative Writing… For KS3/GCSE£29Add to basket
web/5911Introducing Spoken Language in KS3£44Add to basket
web/121Poetry Worksheets£27Add to basket
web/5693Reading for Pleasure in Year 7: Activity Booklet£29Add to basket
web/3527Survivors: A SoW with Resources for Year 7£49Add to basket
web/6209Using Twitter in KS3 English: Activity Pack£59Add to basket
web/6211Writing for Different Purposes and Audiences: Planet Sapphire (Y7)£34Add to basket
web/7523Writing for Different Purposes and Audiences: Political Parties (Y9) Pre-order now (date TBC) £39Add to basket
web/6823Writing for Different Purposes and Audiences: Scaling the Heights (Y7)£34Add to basket
web/6184Writing for Different Purposes and Audiences: Space Flight (Y8)£34Add to basket
web/6865Writing for Different Purposes and Audiences: Zombie Apocalypse (Year 9)£44Add to basket
web/716Writing in Different Styles - Disaster Survival Project£39Add to basket
web/6183Writing Poems for KS3 English£39Add to basket
web/3351Writing Your Anthology for Year 7£29Add to basket

web/5205A Midsummer Night's Dream KS3 SOW with Worksheets and PowerPoints£54Add to basket
web/110Definitive Macbeth Teaching Pack£59Add to basket
web/5388Introducing Shakespeare's Comedies in Year 7/8 (AMSND & The Tempest)£99Add to basket
web/6132Introducing Shakespeare's Tragedies in Year 7/8 (Romeo & Juliet + Macbeth)£99Add to basket
web/2431Much Ado About Nothing Activity Pack£49Add to basket
web/6309Much Ado About Nothing: KS3 to GCSE Transition Pack£79Add to basket
web/2432Richard III Activity Pack£49Add to basket
web/2169Romeo and Juliet SoW£49Add to basket
web/349Shakespeare Crossword Pack£29Add to basket
web/3174Sonnets Scheme of Work for Year 9: Responses to Reading£36Add to basket
web/2430The Tempest Activity Pack£39Add to basket
web/2959The Tempest Resource Pack£39Add to basket


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