Christmas Carols

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Unto Us is Born a Son

  1. Unto us is born a son,
    King of quires supernal:
    See on earth his life begun,
    Of lords the Lord eternal,
    Of lords the Lord eternal.
  2. Christ, from heav'n descending low,
    Comes on earth a stranger;
    Ox and ass their Owner know,
    Becradled in a manger,
    Becradled in a manger.
  3. This did Herod sore affray
    And grievously bewilder,
    So he gave the word to slay,
    And slew the little childer,
    And slew the little childer.
  4. Of His love and mercy mild,
    This the Christmas story:
    O that Mary's gentle Child
    Might lead us up to glory,
    Might lead us up to glory!
  5. O and A and A and O,
    Cum cantemus in choro,
    Let the merry organ go,
    Benedicamus Domino,
    Benedicamus Domino.