Christmas Carols

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Sing We Now of Christmas

  1. Sing we now of Christmas,
    Nowell sing we here;
    Hear our grateful praises
    To the Babe so dear.
    Sing we Nowell!
    The King is born, Nowell!
    Sing we now of Christmas,
    Sing we now Nowell!
  2. Angels called to shepherds,
    "Leave your flocks at rest;
    Journey forth to Bethl'em,
    Find the Lambkin blest."
    Sing we Nowell...
  3. In the stall they found Him;
    Joseph and Mary mild
    Sat beside the manger,
    Watching the Holy Child.
    Sing we Nowell...
  4. From the eastern country
    Came the kings afar,
    Bearing gifts to Bethl'em,
    Guided by a star.
    Sing we Nowell...
  5. Gold and myrrh they took there,
    Gifts of greatest price;
    There was ne'er a stable
    So like paradise.
    Sing we Nowell...