Christmas Carols

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Sing Lullaby

  1. Upon my lap my sov'reign sits
    And feeds upon my breast;
    Meanwhile, His loves sustains my life
    And gives my body rest.
    Sing lullaby, sing lullaby,
    My little Boy, sing lulla lullaby!
    My lifè's joy, sing lullaby,
    Sing lulla lullaby!
  2. When Thou hast taken Thy repast,
    Repose, my Babe, on me;
    So may Thy mother and Thy nurse,
    Thy cradle also be.
    Sing lullaby...
  3. My Babe, my bliss, my child, my choice,
    My fruit, my flow’r and bud,
    My Jesus and my only joy,
    The sum of all my good.
    Sing lullaby...
  4. Three kings their treasure thither brought
    Of incense, myrrh and gold,
    The heaven's treasure and their King
    That here they might behold.
    Sing lullaby...
  5. And let the ensuing blessèd race
    Thou wilt succeeding raise,
    Join all their praises unto mine
    To multiply Thy praise.
    Sing lullaby...